Before approaching concrete repairs, consideration must first be given to the cause of the problem. This is fundamental to the success or failure of the repair, and a lack of adequate attention at this point can jeopardise the entire project.

The solutions provided by other companies include patching and covering failing concrete. Dama takes a different approach – we look at the problem from an engineering perspective and use our expertise to provide a repair or renovation that will last for many years.

We specialise in challenging projects such as working in restricted spaces or occupied premises and we deliver a service that limits the nuisance caused by adapting to your working hours and constraints while complying with all rules, regulations and standards applicable to the project.

We can lay up to 500m2 of resin each night depending upon the product you require, once this is installed your floor will be able to withstand heavy traffic including forklifts, lorries and stock within one hour of installation while shoppers or machine operators will not even realise the work has been done.

Our TPR Systems floors don’t contain any toxic chemicals and are completely harmless so your workers can work in safety.

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