When it comes to providing or repairing concrete flooring there is no one system nor method that meets every requirement. What is perfect for one client and one area of the market may turn out to be wholly inappropriate for another one.

While Dama is a leading provider of flooring systems it offers so much more to clients. Expert consultants from DAMA will visit a premises to work together with the company project managers to work out just what they need and what they require from their floor. The next phase is to develop a bespoke design that really does meet every need of that particular project.

From the day-to-day design of floors and other solutions, Dama Consultants can discuss the use of options such as applied finishes, fibre reinforced concrete flooring, thermoplast plastic resin (TPR) options and veneers making clients aware of all of the options available.

It is important that you, as a business owner, are able to have access to options that allow you the chance to get exactly what you need and want and not just something that fits in with a certain style or template. Dama provides a unified consulting service whether the requirement is for a huge area like a 10,000 m2 industrial platform or a small area such as a domestic garage floor.The type of material used for the floor can change dramatically the amount of time and effort required for installation or repair. Dama utilises the products from TPR Systems to ensure that all structural elements are provided through the appropriate use of product.

Dama Consulting Engineers will determine the load capacity for your floors or other structures. Floor load or weight capacity can be determined virtually for any industrial, commercial, or residential structure and value is added by providing the best of class planning for structure type, usage, and material type.

The process involves the consulting engineer visiting the site to measure all the structural elements which support the flooring, then going back to the office and running the calculations and reviewing the options. The outcome is a statement of the weight capacity of the floor; normally, this floor load capacity is expressed in pounds per square foot (PSF).

For clients with existing concrete floors and the requirement to increase their existing floor weight capacity Dama will provide detailed quotes and methodologies.

Dama experts will suggest the perfect substrates to be used in order to make sure that a floor is fit for purpose including slip resistant, easy to wipe clean, impermeable, and many other options that may be required.

Working with a DAMA designer is the perfect way to get the floor that your business needs. Give us a call or get in touch.