Industrial flooring, Fitted overnight, lasts for years.

Here at DAMA we understand that your factory or warehouse needs to stay running and with this in mind we have created the ability to install a brand new resin floor in to your industrial unit without interrupting your production, services, or sales activities.

We can lay up to 500m2 of resin each night depending upon the product you require, once this is installed your floor will be able to withstand heavy traffic including forklifts, lorries and stock within one hour of installation while shoppers or machine operators will not even realise the work has been done.

With most systems Lines generally rub out within as little as a few weeks of installation this does not happen with our systems.  Our line markings last longer then any other system used today, see Line Markings for a more in depth view on how we achieve this.


PU based systems are increasingly being linked to poor health of operatives working in industrial environments due to the content of isocyanides which are highly poisonous. Epoxy products are also considered to be carcinogenic.

Our TPR Systems floors don’t contain any toxic chemicals and are completely harmless so your workers can work in safety.

Our experts are unmatched in providing advice to any construction site needing to install technical concretes, including our proprietary ultra high performance fibre-reinforced concrete.

We specialise in challenging projects such as working in restricted spaces or occupied premises and we deliver a service that limits the nuisance caused by adapting to your working hours and constraints while complying with all rules, regulations and standards applicable to the project.

For your industrial flooring project, give us a call or get in touch.