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Formed in 1994, DAMA supplies a wide range of industrial resin and concrete flooring solutions to accommodate a wide range of commercial and industrial needs.

Our in house structural engineers can provide full designs for any concrete element from first principles. If you are a contractor who in the past has used FRC in the UK then it is highly likely that you have used a DAMA design and product in your project.

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Dama Partner With Primekss

Now the world’s first truly jointless concrete system – PrīmX™ by Primekss – is also available in the UK market. 

DAMA is happy to announce that starting this year it partners with Primekss, the most technically advanced concrete flooring design and construction company in Europe.

The PrīmX™ concrete system is the result of extended concrete technology development within an international team of professionals and academics (Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Latvia and United States). 

PrīmX™ is a leading concrete flooring system used in more than 15 million m2 of high-quality slabs around the world. The system ensures 30% faster installation, 50% stronger material and saves on average 40% CO2 emissions.

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