Frontier Agriculture

Frontier Agriculture is the UK’s leading crop production and grain marketing business, recognised for its close customer relationships with farmers and grain consumers and its successful management of the arable supply chain.

Operating across all aspects of arable crop production and grain marketing, Frontier supplies seed, crop protection products and fertiliser to farmers, as well as providing specialist agronomy advice.

The Problem

One of Frontier’s warehouses had serious stress damage to the concrete slab supporting the racking for many tonnes of product. Dama was engaged to analyse the cracks and other damage and determine the best approach to providing a remedy while having minimal impact on the day to day business.

The target solution had to take into account Frontier’s use of heavy equipment such as fork lifts and trucks inside the warehouse walls. Where other companies offer patching and covering over of failing concrete, a solution which has a very short service life, Dama takes a different approach – we look at the problem from an engineering perspective and use our expertise to provide a repair or renovation that will last for many years.

Original floor multi-slab approach actually promoted the damage.

The Solution

Dama has unique access to our partner’s TPR Systems® resin repair and strengthening systems systems. These reliable problem-solvers ensure the rapid repair and reinforcement of holes, cracks or ruptures in concrete, prefabricated concrete or screeding, underline bridge bearings, establish machine foundations or fix heavy duty sections and components in position.

As constant stream of men, machinery and materials are delivered along the racking 24 hours a day seven days a week DAMA specified a quartz resin system that is so strong that it did not need protection during the construction phase.

Reactive resins have become part and parcel of the construction trade. They are predominantly used in the manufacture of industrial flooring, for sealing or for filling joints. Reactive resins can provide both high mechanical strength and very high flexibility and expansion characteristics as well as resistance to chemicals and weathering.

Repairs in progress.

Dama get the best results from TPR Resin Systems by utilising additional fillers, pigments or other additives to promote rapid repairs for any condition and super-fast curing with no disruption to operations. For Frontier, the solution included a textured resin surface guaranteed for 15 years and providing additional safety for machinery operators.

Textured flooring provides anti-slip features.

Dama can lay up to 500m2 of resin each night and once installed your floor will be able to withstand heavy traffic including forklifts, lorries and stock within one hour of installation. of the challenge was that many of the repairs were required within and around the racking system including the supporting columns. By operating section by section Dama was able to keep disruption to a minimum yet the overall result was a continuous, seamless floor.

For all your flooring needs including construction, renovation and repair DAMA is the leading provider of cost effective and lasting solutions.

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